InstaBuilder Reviews

* This looks like a breath of fresh air for marketers. A lot of the fb tools out there are either clunky, or super expensive. This looks VERY interesting!


* Hi,

This should make marketing more fun and interesting. Should help build the sites that are needed to make us all more money.

I hope I am one of the winners to make my marketing just a bit easier.

Thank you,


* Hi
having bought numerous other successful products that you have produced, I am 100% certain that this will be an absolute must have addition.
The rate that you bring out these truly innovative products is nothing short of staggering.
Best of luck on the launch, but I am pretty sure luck will have nothing to do with it.
Brad Davenport

* Wow! I just bought what I thought was an excellent sales/squeeze page plugin a few days ago, but InstaBuilder supersedes it. It's a full marketing plugin. And it works with Optimize Press. I'm in total awe. It will receive the place of honour on my hard drive.


* The demo video shows a very powerful tool that even the most "technophobic" marketer should be able to use, with ease! Happy that it works with OptimizePress although it looks powerful enough that it could (should!) replace OptimizePress!

I've bought other products from him before and his stuff is always top quality. Looking forward to seeing this launch!


* Only needed to watch the first couple of minutes of the video to know this looks awesome and will save me a ton of time in my virtual assistant business. Will be very interested in the developers version.


* The product is essential to get a fast and professional website up and running with Success. Everything he makes is gold. This plugin will make it so easy for me to the the online success I need and desire. When I see how professional these graphics will make me look, I Want IT!!!

Getting a site up is a Jump on the competition, but getting WordPress site looking as Amazing as this plug-in does with give you a Jump with Style.


* Wow, this is great for anyone trying get their message delivered in a dynamic way. Easy and simple to set up. Very impressive! I will absolutely recommend this plugin. Can't wait till purchase this.


* This is going to be a KILLER plugin! 🙂 I cannot wait to get my hands on this…This is just absolutely perfect for all my WordPress websites including for my offline clients as well.

Another superb job by Martin and company…Always knowing and giving us exactly what we need! 🙂


* Martin,

Looks like a powerful plugin. Love the quick and easy formatting via WYSIWYG.

Will it be possible to add your own graphics or other assets to the drop down lists?




* This has more options and features than all the other plugins I have like it combined. This would make it so much easier for me especially since all the elements are automatically optimized to be responsive for mobile…SWEET!


* Looks like this could be IT!

I've seem more than a few products with functions similar to this crop up lately… but honestly, it looks like this one is the one that brings it ALL together… a way to move potential customers and clients through the funnel to get them connected to my content, and connected to me! It's all about social media sharing and commenting now… not just getting some questionable e-mail address through a squeeze page. Getting a FaceBook address is great… getting those that sign up to post and share on their walls is even better!

Can't wait to see the full demo and show… and for the sale to go live! Thanks again, Martin, for all your good work. I've got several of your products and been through several of your training sessions.. they're always spot-on. I'm sure InstaBuilder will be yet another home run!

Best wishes;
Bill S.


* I have to say this looks like it will save alot of time marketing and looks very easy to use.I also checked out the live samples and everything looks very professional.This will come in very handy with a few projects i'm working on.This truly does look like the ultimate marking plug in.All of his products that I have purchased have always been easy to use and will make you money.He always over delivers and I'm sure this launch will be no different.Don't hesitate,just hit the buy button.You will not be disappointed.Looks like another winner


* Well, it looks very cool and I can probably hang up my optimize press, which I have really never been able to fully utilize as it is not so easy to use.




* Ive been waiting for a solution to creating amazing sales pages and squeeze pages and it looks like this plugin has hit the mark. Seriously, the only thing this doesn't do is give you a massage. If you're an internet marketer, this is a must have.


* Let's face it, WordPress IS rocket science. I have spent hours on many of these types of pages before only to have them turn out looking like a first grade Play-Doh project. This plug-in is going to change all that for me. I can see that it will let me easily tame the WordPress beast. I'll be cranking out pages so fast I'll finally be ahead of product releases! This plug-in will not only help me be more successful, I'll finally be able to free myself from WordPress shackles and find out what my wife looks like with her eyes open! So now, not only have you created something that will save my WordPress site from the piles of dross but will also save my marriage! Viva INSTABUILDER!


* Everything & more. Looks great . Could rocket my marketing to the top!
Great stuff, folks.


* Wow, it looks like Martin has done it again, bringing Social Media,WordPress,and Mobile all in one easy to use package.This looks like it will do what it say's it will do, share social media and easily grab content to put it there through all the places that are viable to do so. Must be why he named it InstaBuilder…This could be what "The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread" was back in the day…To the "Next Generation of Internet Marketing" This is the one we were all waiting for!



Great, informative video. Also, thank you so much for posting demo links – very helpful and makes me realize how much I need this. Just a heads up: The Demo for the Facebook Tab didn't work properly. The link DOES take you to the FB Page but there is no content. …I hope that this is useful info and qualifies as a valuable post for one of the complimentary prodcuts 🙂


* Martin has always over delivered and his new plugin looks to do the same. Martin puts out a lot of products but rest assured he stands behind each and keeps them updated in the very changing landscape of internet marketing. Why buy any of those expensive themes when you can take any old wordpress theme and with Martin's plugin turn it into a Ferrari. I will be jumping on this immediately.


* This is something worth exploring further as it offers many time saving features, but at the same time presents as a legitimate and professionally focussed marketing tool.

It appears to be easy to use and includes a plethora of customisable features to ensue that your sales, squeeze and landing pages are not only visually appealing and professional in appearance, but can be created and edited easily, allowing you to test, test, test and test. The inbuilt graphics are the icing on the cake.

Saving money is as good a making it and InstaBuild has the potential to do both if used strategically. It looks like a very useful tool to have at your disposal and to deploy at will.

Looking forward to taking a closer look and discovering more of its capabilities ….


* wow, the demo pages convinced me totally. just amazed at how technology is advancing at such speed. your plugin seems to make plugins launched weeks ago obsolete. gosh, what will come next?


* I absolutely love any product Martin puts out. I think I may have at least 50% or more of them and each and every one either saves me a ton of time or produces a great end result on a product I'm working on. I'm really looking forward to this as it seems to be another winner. It takes all the things I'm doing in the offline world and puts it into one easy to use package. This will make my life so much easier.
thanks for another great product Martin, it's appreciated, especially with all the junk being produced right now.
Morris Murphy (Murph)


* Time is money, and you appear to have created something that any professional business person can use to save time, thus money. Too many times we follow an offer down the path, only to be disappointed in a half-finished idea that stops far short of what we really need. I can't wait to be able to work with InstaBuilder myself, as well as introduce it to my readers at FilltheFunnel!


* Today's Offline and Online Business environment needs continuous attention to detail to ensure that as a consultant that you are presenting fresh and engaging content. InstaBuilder does exactly that. By providing easy to use tools that anyone can implement immediately into their marketing program, you have given us a very powerful tool.

There are times that I take way too much time on graphic and content design when I should be focusing on increasing business and revenue. Now with InstaBuilder I will be able to easily cut my time dramatically and produce high quality professional content design whether it is a squeeze page, video page, sales page and so much more. That means more clients, more referrals and more revenue.

I can see myself putting this into place the very first day that I upload the plugin into my server. You never cease to amaze me with your well-thoughtout ideas and programs that have a direct impact on our business and assisting us to have a higher level of performance and results.

Anyone who wants their Internet Marketing Business to grow and does not grab this product and put it into action immediately, is not truly serious about their business. I have virtually every product that Martin has produced and I have never received anything that was anything less than extraordinary, not just with the product or tool… but also with the outstanding service and support along with training modules to so as to receive the greatest utilization of his programs, products and tools.

Thanks again for developing such a great product. InstaBuilder is going to be an Instant Success.

Best Regards,



* This looks to be a superb all-round plugin. I like the integration of the Facebook tabs (not that I'm surprised that *you* did that) and the graphics it has for sales pages. The plugin can and will replace several on my site(s).


* Its INSANE how complete this plugin is! So until Instabuilder came along I had a challenge – if I wanted a wordpress site that did everything I wanted, in terms of creating a quality sales funnel, delivering video online and on mobiles, membership sites, niche site or all of the above then I had two choices – hundreds of plugins or OptimizePress and a double digit plugins that often didn't play well together (have you had to turn your plugins off and on one by one yet to figure out the rogue plugin? Ouch!)

And don't get me wrong, OptimizePress is a GREAT theme but all OptimizePress sites sort of look the same no matter what header you add up top…know what I mean?

Well with Instabuilder you can literally deactivate and delete 90% of the plugins you have today and be able to create powerful, kick a$$ sales funnels, membership sites and more in minutes – and you're site won't be weighed down by hundreds of plugins that conflict and don't play nice together. AND you can use any theme, giving you a completely unique online brand while having the functionality of some of the top of the line themes that cost an arm and a leg.

In short – Instabuilder gives you the power of Internet Marketing at its best in one plugin. The word 'plugin' doesn't do Instabuilder justice, its a powerful internet marketing platform that you'll use for the rest of your money making internet marketing career. I'm going to be first in line when it comes time to buy Instabuilder….

"…I am not an affiliate of Instabuilder but I do endorse this message…"

Instabuilder + WordPress + a good offer = money in your pocket!

Mr Marketer

PS – too enthusiastic? Tell me that after you install this little beauty and make your first $100! 🙂


* This is going to blow my competition out of the water! Soooo excited for a chance to win, but even if I don't win, I can't wait to get my hands on this plugin. (But it WOULD be cool to win!)


* I recently spent (what to me is) a small fortune
for what was supposedly THE WP theme that
ALL of the GURU's are using to build their businesses…

Well, after three weeks of relentless headbanging
and waiting, waiting, waiting for no answers to
arrive, I had about decided to give up on IM altogether…

I had actually already started in a totally different
direction because I was getting absolutely nowhere.

That is, until I saw the video for

WOW!!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!!

Hope Springs Eternal 🙂 and this product looks
all of the plans and ideas that were crushed
over the past 3 weeks have been revived…

I'm thrilled, excited and ecstatic …. I can't
WAIT to get my hands on InstaBuilder…

Your built in templates are wonderful and it looks
easy enough for even the newest newbie to
create awesome looking sites and landing pages…
The ease of adding video is worth it all

I can't tell you how awesome this is after weeks
of incredible frustration…..

thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


* This plugin is Brilliant! But then why should we expect anything less from him? I love the fact that you chose to go with a plugin and not another theme. The ability to use INSTABUILDER on any theme makes this a stand out in a crowded category. I also love the fact that I don't have to make my own graphics…they are built right in and look fantastic!

Can't wait to set up some custom landing pages! Looks like another winner Martin!

Be Blessed!

Jim Fitz


* InstaBuilder is a ThunderBOLT product creator…SalesFunnel with Ready-made pre-Marketing Graphics.

It will benefit for Newbies
Not pulling hairs apart!!

Reuse,Reuse,Reuse all your Digital dusts you bought and unable to build it all together
E.g (Squeeze page/Salespage/Video theme,Pre-Made WEB-Marketing graphic Templates,etc)

All redirect URLs Fill-box ready for you to copy and paste it.

Great Time-saving,productivity tool!!

all everything you need to build together in ONE window platform like you build all materials for a house….Concrete,wall block or bricks,windows,roofs,etc to make a house: Instabuilder;)

Intermediate Internet marketers
Web consultant/Internet Marketers Secret IM Toolkits for now period
More-time to find traffics…Ahh Traffics from facebook,viral download from Facebook,you tube,Apps

Mobile devices ready to share with your friends at party,networking events.

You can email to your mates,business partners during whenever you CAN

Ahh, you facebook them as well.

Time is Money

Finally, Am I a winner ??for Competition contest: Free copy InstaBuilder WP plugin(Developer edition):D;):cool:


P.S. Recycle your digital dust…ReUse,ReUse,ReUse;)


* Martin,

This looks fantastic! I'm sooo not techy, but this new plugin makes is super simple to build some great looking squeeze and sales pages. I'm very excited to check it out and up my game!

Thanks for another great tool to add to my marketing arsenal!



* Awesome WordPress Plug-In – Never have seen anything like it… although some have *claimed* theirs is in development!

Looking forward to the Webinar Tuesday!