There are some people still asking me a question if Instabuilder scam (or being exaggerated the functions it can provide?). Well, in this Instabuilder Review, you will be given some interesting information about the product Instabuilder in the test period in October, which can bring you all a quite unprejudiced viewpoint. Perhaps you’ve never heard about this news that in October , Martin Crumlish and Suzanna Theresia already did a test lauch of their latest product, the WP plugin Instabuilder. You can see a lot of positive feedback and “glorification” about this wonderful plugin HERE. (Read some of them and you can answer yourself that Instabuilder scam or not).

In fact, at that time, Martin and Suzanna lauched a quick sale event, lasting for 7 days and sell this plugin to members on the forum. What they got as a result was really amazing. Martin and Suzanna found that there was really a hugh demand for such product. The proof is that their website, Instabuilder.com ranked #15 on Alexa under the category “Hot Sites” on lauch day. In addition, what’s really impressive is that over 6000 plugin versions were sold quickly within just 7 days. Can you believe that? A kid born in months, just being announced to a small community and not being promoted elsewhere became really famous and reached a pretty high sales. In this Instabuilder Review, I can suggest here some ideas reasoning what I called “Instabuilder fever”:

  • True and really high demand: As you know, using WordPress platform in Internet Marketing and Online Business is really common today; it’s been even considered to be the most popular CMS for blogging and website making so far. As a result, WordPress users have been always thirsty for excellent plugins that can help ease and improve their work. In the circumstance, Instabuilder was launched and actually, it can undertake nearly all important functions that an Internet Marketer can require. Regardless users’ niche, technical level and expertise in Internet environment, Instabuilder still stands out due to its convenience, simpleness and full of function (My Instabuilder Review on Homepage analyzed very carefully about both this plugin’s strong point and weakness, please read it).

  • Instabuilder is proven to work well: They received hundreds of personal messages sharing successful experience and even asking for reselling this plugin. From my own experience, within just 1 week, I can see an increase of 320% in conversion rate from my squeeze & sale pages, so what I need to do since then is just optimizing my products and give people a really GOOD offer.

I used to keep track of this sale thread on the forum at that time and spent hours by hours reading neary 200 comments and feedback from forum members (I’m too leisured, huh?). To be honest, they all still remain in my mind and I can show you some as follows:

  • Genome: "Wow, I just bought what I thought was an excellent sales/page plugin a few days ago, but Instabuilder supersedes it. It's a full marketing plugin. And it works with Optimize Press. I'm in total awe. It will receive the place of honour on my hard drive".

(OptimizePress is a theme – not plugin – doing the same function along with some more facilities).

  • Gurbet: "I just need something to help me make money as I have tried a many plugins with no success so far. Finally, looks as though I am able to get my ticket to get on the bus with this one…so everyone, make a room for one more). Looks great, feels great, must be great. Thank you in advance for such a powerhouse".

(Gurbet really earned more from this plugin, he’s just a little bit humble, you know).

"So do you still keep in your mind about Instabuilder scam?"

Actually, looking at others’ feedback is the best way to evaluate if a product is worth money to pay or not. That’s exactly what I did, and I really got some small success till now. What’s about you? Take action now or you will regret missing one of the best WordPress plugin ever. (Buy and get the best GIFTs ever – just for 30 first buyers)

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Thanks for keeping track of my Instabuilder Review!